Land - Our Terroir

We are in the heart of Malbec country, the Valle de Uco, in a small area known as Altamira, close to the village of La Consulta. Our neighbours are Chandon, Catena, and Achaval Ferrer. Close by, sharing the valley, are O.Fournier, Clos de los Siete, Finca La Celia, and Lurton.

Our terroir is defined by the Andes. We are at 1,029m above sea level. Snow melts high in the mountains, and waters our vines. The earth is strewn with rounded pebbles, carried down the Andes over millenia, by streams and glaciers. The sun shines brightly 330 days a year. The cooling nighttime breezes help the grapes keep their freshness and mature with full flavours.

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