We are in the heart of Malbec country, the Valle de Uco, in a small area known as Paraje Altamira, close to the village of La Consulta. Our neighbours are Catena Zapata, Achaval Ferrer, Navarro Correas, Chandon  and small independent wine producers.

Our terroir is defined by the Andes. We are at 1,029m above sea level. Snow melts high in the mountains, and waters our vines. The earth is strewn with rounded calcareous pebbles, carried down the Andes over millenia, by streams and glaciers. The sun shines brightly 330 days a year. The cooling nighttime breezes help the grapes keep their freshness and mature with full flavours. Sometimes, the hot Zonda wind blasts across the valley. Hail is our biggest fear, and can decimate a harvest in minutes.

We strive to respect the land, while caring for the vines. We use drip irrigation to protect water usage, and fertilize with guano from local mountain goats. When strictly necessary, we protect the vines from disease. Our priority is producing delicious, elegant wines, and safeguarding healthy plants.